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An Accessible, Flexible & Adaptive Alternative

Why my Online Access Service is a more beneficial approach to achieving your goals.


Think of Online Access as a half way house. It allows you full support through your fat loss journey but will ensure you build your own disciplines, routines and accountability without relying solely on a coach being physically present with you each time you exercise. The idea of this service is that once we have built the foundations together, you can transition into a fully independent health & fitness routine.



The busy nature of work life, home life and everything else in between can mean getting in for a PT slot each week difficult. Not to mention holidays, work trips away and poorly children resulting in missed PT sessions. My Online Access service allows you to take your training with you wherever you are and takes away the barriers of appointment based exercise.


24 hour support

My Online Access service means you have 24 hour contact with myself via the chat room or phone call. This ensures you are continuing to learn, progress and you feel supported every day and not just in a single 1 hour PT slot each week. The fat loss process is far broader than just one hour of exercise each week and the access service means we can keep all the bases covered, such as stress levels, sleep quality and relationships with food.

Finance Chart


This style of coaching allows full access to me as your coach without large financial investment. With the cost of living increasing, we are all having to make cut backs however your health & wellbeing shouldn't have to be one. Due to the smaller overheads involved in online coaching, and the fact I can have a larger intake of clients on my books I am able to keep my coaching fees lower in a bid to ensure finances don't get in the way of my client's road to fat loss and a healthier life.


Colourful Recipe Book

Untitled (297 × 210mm)-44.png

Each client will receive an exclusive recipe book which will give them over 85+ ideas for delicious meals and includes sections from 'make ahead breakfasts' to working from home snack ideas. As a coach, my approach to fat loss is to ensure my client's learn how to put together well balanced meals that will provide their bodies with the nutrients they need to perform optimally, improve their mental wellbeing and of course move towards their fat loss goals.  

Exercise Library

And Personalised Activity Plans.

Screenshot 2022-09-30 at 17.15.17.png

Each online access client will receive a personalised activity plan which will align with their outlined goals. These plans are tailored to the sort of exercise the client enjoys or would like to explore and the equipment they have access to. So no, you do not need a gym membership or any equipment at all for that matter. Each exercise has a link which will take you to a video demonstration performed by me to ensure you understand how to perform the exercise properly. If clients already enjoy other exercise based activity such as hiking, swimming, sports or rock climbing these can also be added to their plans

Weekly Check In 


The online access service revolves around the formal weekly check in service. Each client receives a form sent to their phone with a full breakdown of how their week has gone. There are sections from nutrition adherence, to what the positives were and what the barriers were. There is also a section to ask any questions they may have or any topics they would like further support with. The check in service ensures that each week you are taking steps towards your targets and that you don't fall through the cracks. It also provides accountability for each client on a week to week basis. 



Information Booklet

Although my access clients have 24 hour support and communication with myself, I felt it was important to create an information booklet to cover the basic elements which contribute to successful long term weight loss and a healthier life. This booklet covers topics ranging from how to put a balanced, nutritiously dense plate of food together, to nighttime routines that will ensure you continuously get better quality sleep.

Untitled (297 × 210mm)-46.png

Personalised Habit Trackers

The key to building a healthy life style and breaking free of the weight gain yo yo cycle is to implement small achievable habits into your day. This is why each of my online access clients receive personalised habit trackers. The example on the right is a very stripped down, basic version of a tracker but gives you an idea as to how the habit trackers help my clients to take small steps in the right direction without feeling overwhelmed by trying to flip their whole lifestyle on it's head.  

The Package Options

Untitled (297 × 210mm)-49.png


- Complimentary consultation to discuss your goals in detail 

- A plan of action map to outline your goals and timelines 

- Tailored training & nutrition plans

- Bi-weekly check in with video feedback

Untitled (297 × 210mm)-49.png
Untitled (297 × 210mm)-49.png


- Complimentary consultation to discuss your goals in detail 

- A plan of action map to outline your goals and timelines 

- Tailored training & nutrition plans

- Weekly check in with video feedback

- 24 hour contact & support

Untitled (297 × 210mm)-49.png
Untitled (297 × 210mm)-49.png
Untitled (297 × 210mm)-49.png


- Complimentary consultation to discuss your goals in detail 

- A plan of action map to outline your goals and timelines 

- Tailored training & nutrition plans

- Weekly check in with video call feedback

- 24 hour contact & support

Package Options
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