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Over the years I have worked with countless women going through chronic fatigue, weight gain in places they've never experienced, brain fog, poor sleep and even depression. The culprit is usually the perimenopause and menopause. I see how frustrated and scared my clients feel and have made it my mission to dial into the evidence based research in order to help my menopausal clients navigate through fat loss at this often very confusing stage of life. 

Why Does Fat Loss 

Feel So Hard To Achieve?

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It’s easy to assume your recent weight gain is down to the menopause, and.. it kinda is. But it’s not as directly linked as you might think. 


Yes, your weight distribution will be impacted due to the different hormone balance in your body (that extra fat distribution around your mid section you can blame on the M word!). But weight gain itself isn’t directly correlated to your hormone levels.. but rather changes in habits over time... because of the symptoms the menopause presents you with.


These are often habits you may not even be aware of such as sleep quality, an increase of wine consumption throughout the week (because of the stress of the menopause!!) and less overall movement (again, because of the b*stard menopause). 


So, it’s definitely a positive thing that the menopause isn’t directly causing the weight gain because it means you hold the control. But of course it doesn’t take away the frustration and confusion you are still facing. 


And this is where I am able to step in and support my clients. The work I do with my clients is all about habit forming.. and habit breaking! And far less about diets and extensive exercise routines. 

How Will I Support You?

Easing symptoms

working to your schedule

creating achievable daily tick boxes

building new habits

There is Light At The End Of The Tunnel 

The menopause can be a very scary and lonely time, especially when your self esteem Is low because of changes in your body composition. If you have been battling against weight gain, yo yo diets and gruelling workout regimes with no luck.. it's time to reach out. Together we will navigate the menopause and get you feeling back to you

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