How Many Calories Are In This Lump Of Butter?

Updated: Aug 17, 2021

So, how many is it?

A) 32 cals

B) 45 cals

C) 102 cals

Would you be shocked to learn that a tbsp of butter contains around 102 calories?

Now think back to how many slices of toast you had this morning.

4? Well, that could be 4 whole tbsp of butter..

Totting up to around 408 extra calories just in breakfast alone

Bet you didn't account for those calories either..

Did you know that a tbsp of sugar contains around 48 calories?

How many coffee's, one sugar did you have today? 5?..

Well, that could be an extra 240 calories you didn't even account for..

Are you starting to see the trend?

Here's one for you..

Did you know a glass of red wine contains around 85 calories

Oh.. but last night you actually ended up polishing off the bottle!.. So, you actually consumed an additional 630 calories!

And you wonder why you aren't seeing progress on the scale..

Just some food for thought 😄

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