How To Create Long Lasting Habits

Following on from my post yesterday regarding habits, I wanted to share 5 proven ways to build a long lasting habit

  1. Make it so easy you can’t say no

When creating a new habit you should NOT have to rely on motivation or willpower to execute it

Motivation WILL tail off and this is exactly why people often ‘fail’

Rather than trying to drink 3+ litres of water a day, start with one glass of water with each meal

  1. Make it better by 1% each day

Rather than trying to nail something 100% from the beginning, start small and gradually make it better

Going from 0 to 100% will not work

  1. As you build up, break them down into chunks

As you add 1% to your habit each day, you still want it to be achievable

Try splitting your habit into segments

Rather than trying to do a big walk each day, break it down into 20 minute chunks.. one in the morning, one in the evening

  1. Identify what may prevent that habit from happening

If you can identify what things are likely to get in the way of your habit, you can easily formulate a plan of action or irradiate that barrier completely

If there are hidden barriers then you will continue to fail

  1. Do not rush your habit

The smaller your habit.. the easier it will be to achieve so take your time when trying to build it up or perfect it

And remember, focus on one habit at a time!

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