ONE Habit Will Transform Your Life

Updated: Aug 17, 2021

Do you know where most people go wrong with their fat loss goals?

They are too enthusiastic

Ironic right?


Don’t get me wrong, enthusiasm is important but it’s the individuals that try and do a complete 180 on their routines are the ones that set themselves up for failure

Adding 3 hours of cardio a day

10 training sessions per week

A yoga class

A 4am run each morning

Cutting carbs

Cutting fats

Meal prepping for 20 days in advance

Hitting 30k steps before 10am each day

Okay.. I’m exaggerating but you get the point

Flipping your day to day routine on it’s head is NOT sustainable

You may keep this up for a couple of days, but you will soon revert back to your old ways

The KEY is implementing SMALL habits

Simply adding one walk into your routine

Going to bed an hour earlier

Removing a glass of wine from your evening routine

These are so much more sustainable and will create big change once done consistently over a period of time..

Think of it this way,

The less you change in your day to day life.. the more sustainable in the long run 👀

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