Teeny Tiny Habits

Have you ever heard of an atomic habit?

Atomic essentially means.. absolutely bloody teeny weeny

But can one tiny atomic habit really create transformational change in your life?

Well.. the answer is no. You’ll need a few more atomic habits than just one to do that

But.. the point of an atomic habit is that it is SMALL and EASY to do!

In the month of January, I truly believe people’s downfalls are focusing so much on ‘goal setting’ and not enough on putting systems in place to actually achieve those goals

It’s all well and good saying, ‘this year I am going to be the fittest and lightest I’ve ever been’

But how do you actually get from a to b without failing miserably like you do most years?

This is where small, realistic and achievable habits come into play

In fact.. there is actually research to suggest that ‘implementation intentions’ only work when you focus on ONE thing at a time..

Which is why going from nothing to trying to:

Drink more water, go to the gym 3 times a week, get your steps in, start tracking your calories, get better quality of sleep, lose 5 stone, go out running every morning..


So, that being said..

I challenge you to strip it all back and pick ONE small habit that you are going to implement into each day

A 10 minute walk after breakfast

Filling your water bottle up after each wee!

Putting your running shoes by the front door each evening

And only when you have nailed that first habit should you look into your next habit!

Before you know it, you’ll see BIG CHANGE 😊

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