What Are Your Daily Non Negotiable's?

If you’re one of my clients, you’ll know I am a huge preacher of ➡️ SETTING YOUR NON NEGOTIABLES ⬅️

What do I mean by a non negotiables?

Something, a habit, action or task that absolutely must be executed on a daily basis… something non negotiable 😆

A bit like brushing your teeth

Or attending a meeting with your boss

Or even picking your kids up from school!

It must be done.

Setting non negotiables each day for yourself is the perfect way to finish the day with sense of acomplishment

They could be really really small things, such as doing 30 ab crunches when you wake up each day

Or slightly bigger things like hitting 10k steps each day

But the main thing is, setting them as a ‘non negotiable’ means that no matter what you do with your day, you have taken steps forward with your goals (even if everything else goes to sh*t!)

So, grab a pen and paper and write out 2 - 3 non negotiables you feel are realistic for you

Trust me.. it’s a game changer!

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