Why Do You Keep Failing?

Those new year resolutions you set for yourself 3 years ago, how are they going?

You set out to be the fittest version of yourself this year

You set out to lose X amount of weight

You set out to be a regular gym goer or to jump into a diet in a bid to become healthier

Did you know 2 thirds of people fail at their New Years resolutions within the first month?

And I can tell you exactly why..

It’s because your goals are FAR too big.

I’m not saying that you can’t lose x amount of weight this year, or you can’t become a fitter and healthier you..

You CAN!

But you are going about it the wrong way.

Instead of looking at the bigger picture, the long term goal.. you need to break up this time period day by day

By setting yourself 2 - 3 really small achievable ‘tick boxes’ each day, you will be able to find small successes which will eventually, over time lead you to the big life changing success

As a coach, I work with my clients to set tiny, achievable and EASY tick box goals each day

If they set out to concur EVERYTHING, they would fail.. anyone would?! We aren’t super humans

ESPECIALLY if you start implementing huge changes into your day that are alien to your routine

So, if you have ‘failed’ with your New Years resolutions don’t worry! You just need to change your approach 😊

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