Why Motivation is NOT Your Best Friend

Updated: Aug 17, 2021

If I had a penny for everytime I heard someone say, 'I just can't find the motivation'... i'd be rich!


The problem is RIGHT THERE


You are leaning on motivation in order to help you reach your desired goals

My clients always ask me, 'how do you feel so motivated every day to get your sessions done or to stay on track with your nutrition'

My answer is, i'm not

In fact 9/10 times I lack motivation myself

The difference is I don't rely on it to get the boxes ticked

I rely on routine, structure and of course self discipline

The truth is, motivation more times than not won't be there

You won't feel motivated most mornings to hit the gym, get your steps in or track your calories

This is where you would fall back on the routine and healthy habits you have already established for yourself

For example, I didn't wake up one day and think 'WOW, i'm gonna smash out an hour walk in the freezing cold, lets go LET'S GOO'

No, I had to drag myself out the door (probably in the rain) and get that shit done!

Then the next day, I did the same thing.. still, reluctantly but because it was necessary to help me reach my desired fat loss goals

I repeated this 'chore' every day until suddenly one day I walked out the door for my walk in complete autopilot mode. I hadn't even given it a thought

This was the moment it became encrypted into my routine

This was the moment that if I didn't go on my walk, I felt out of routine and uncomfortable

THIS is how you build routine & habit

And you can apply this to every part of your life.

It's all about taking a shift. STOP relying on motivation to move you forward and start building HABIT and ROUTINE.

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