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"I started with Annie 6 months ago in the hope of preparing my body and especially my bones for the menopause. Annie has been so supportive and really does monitor your every move setting weekly targets for physical activities, sleep, water intake & calorie control. I have managed to lose a stone but more importantly my body and mind feels so much stronger. I love my weekly PT sessions and the environment Annie works from is delightful. I would Definitely recommend Annie Lucy Fitness for positive changes in your life."

- Tracy, Client

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Mary, Client

Annie is a great personal trainer. Enjoyable, professional sessions in the comfort of Annie’s studio in her garden. Thoroughly recommended.


Lydia, Client

Highly recommend Annie! She is so understanding of all levels and experience. She has helped me completely change me diet and exercise routine for the better! If your thinking of getting a coach it’s has to be Annie, trust me

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Louise, Client

Annie was an amazing PT - She is motivating and cares about her clients - She can help with diet plans as well as fitness - I saw great results with her

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Isla, Client

Have been going for 8 months now and loving it! After a lifetime of bad habits Annie has encouraged me to be more active and find a nutrition plan that works for me. It’s changed my life, I feel great and it’s built my confidence. Best investment I’ve ever made.


Zoe, Client

I had my first ever PT session this evening with Annie, I’m seriously out of shape and haven’t done a big workout in a while. She really helped to get me back feeling positive and giving me the push that I needed. I can’t wait to continue my journey.

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Karen, Client

Annie is a great PT, she is friendly, easy to talk to and professional. Once she had worked out how best to address my PT needs (she did this very quickly) she really pushed me to do far more than I thought I was capable of. Highly recommend Annie.

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